Friday, August 17, 2012

RESPON SAYA KPD KOMEN DI FMT : ‘I’ll not allow anyone to insult Islam’- Ustaz Nasha

Semasa saya membaca artikel FMT seperti tajuk di atas, seorang pembaca memberi komen berikut. Saya terpanggil untuk memberi respon kepada komen beliau kerana ada satu ayat yang tidak tepat dan boleh dikira sebagai menghina hukum Islam.

Nasharuddin Mat Isa, what are you talking about? Mr.Karpal only against the unfair hudud law not Islam. Please wake up and understand it. On this "HOLY" month don't ever try to telling lies, rubbish and do all nonsense. If you want to join corrupted UMNO and against islam teaching please quit PAS don't insult others. TQVM.-Komen  oleh GS GUAN TRADING

 Dear Mr Guan, 

I don't think YB Karpal is against Hudud because it is UNFAIR but rather he believes that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Some of the crimes in Hudud, eg adultery, alcohol intake,  is not a crime in our civil/criminal law but is a crime in Islam. There are Islamic laws in murder, robbery etc which now is under the jurisdiction of our criminal laws/penal code. I can understand YB Karpal's concern. He cannot accept it because if hudud laws are implemented, it would mean that we have 2 parallel systems for the same crime. Hence his objection. However,we already have a dual judicial system in Malaysia -the civil and the syariah courts. Hence we should study carefully both and see how we can reconcile or integrate the two. If we refuse to this, Malaysia will remain divided. 

It is the obligation of the powers (for now BN) that be to increase the understanding of Hudud laws instead of totally rejecting or accepting. Islam is not rigid and the door to ijtihad is open. The important thing is to have an open mind and listen to all sides. Even Muslims are vague on the implementation, what more the non muslims. It is unfair for anybody to ask muslims and PAS to forget about Hudud as it is embedded  in our article of faith. However, there have been in Islamic history the shelfing and postponement of laws under certain circumstances. That is why there must be debate and open discussion to the feasibility of implementation in current times and what are the conditions and situations that will make it obligatory  for muslim leaders to establish hudud. At the end of the day, the rakyat will decide DEMOCRATICALLY to accept Hudud as part of law or reject it. 

As it is PAS has already enter into a pact to "shelf" the implementation if PR win GE13 as reiterated many times by PAS leaders. The priority now is to unseat BN because BN has abused its powers and PR wants to return good governance, decimate corruption, free the media,  etc. PAS believes a lot more can be achieved for islam (and Malays) and the rakyat with PR than with BN. BN has been hypocritical in their stand on Hudud bringing up the issue now (through their NGOs and mainstream media) so as to split Pakatan Rakyat and split the rakyat's support for PR especially among the Muslim Malays.

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