Saturday, March 30, 2013

Charge insolent Zul Noordin

PKR vice-president N Surendran wants independent Kulim-Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin to be charged for belittling and insulting Hindu practices and beliefs.
“Section 298A of the Penal Code provides for the punishment of those who utter words which causes disharmony, feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will on grounds of religion.
“We call on the Inspector General of Police [Ismail Omar] and the Attorney General [Abdul Gani Patail] to immediately investigate and charge Zulkifli under the section,” he said.
“He insults and ridicules the Hindu religion and its practices in the 5:34-minute video. It is one of the worst ever attacks upon a major religion in this country,” said Surendran.
Surendran added Zulkifli is a close ally and supporter of Najib Tun Razak, thus “the PM and Umno-BN cannot escape responsibility for this outrage and mockery of the Hindu religion”.
Emptiness of BN’s 1 Malaysia slogan
The human rights lawyer added: “This vicious attack is a great affront to Malaysian Indians, the majority of whom are practising Hindus.
“The Prime Minister’s continued protection and support for Perkasa and its members such as Zulkifli proves the dishonesty and emptiness of BN’s 1 Malaysia slogan,” he said.
In the 5:34-minute video clip circulating on social networking site, Facebook, Zulkifli questions the Hindu concept of God and cast aspersions on their practices.
He recalls his conversation with a trader selling Hindu figurines and statues in the Masjid India area in Kuala Lumpur whose business was affected by a flood.
He describes how the trader laughed when he questioned why the deities were not there to protect his business.
Zulkifli added that he then suggested to the trader that his god was unable to protect his business perhaps, because his god too was hit by the flood.
Police reports nationwide

In another development, the Malaysia Hindu Sangam reminded Zulkifli that Malaysia was a multi-racial and multi-religious country which guaranteed its citizen the right to practice the religion of his choice.

“Zulkifli must respect all religious practices in the country. In his speech and action, he must always take into consideration the sensitivities of the Hindus and their beliefs and practices,” said Malaysia Hindu Sangam president RS Mohan Shan.
Mohan said that Malaysia Hindu Sangam had complained to the authorities in 2011 to take action against Zulkifli over similar sensitive remarks, but to date, no action has been forthcoming.
“We vehemently condemn Zulkifli for being a racial and religious bigot and strongly urge the authorities to take immediate action against him under the Sedition Act 1948,” added Mohan.
Meanwhile, about 30 NGOs and several PKR members today lodged 20 police reports against Zulkifli at the Petaling Jaya district police headquarters.
Led by Puchong PKR division chairman S Murali, they wanted the police to take action against the MP for offending the feelings of Malaysian Hindus. The NGOs also sought an apology from Zulkifli.
“We give him two days to apologise. If he fails to do so, then we will launch a nationwide protest against him,” said S Barathidasan, the secretary of Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS).
Also present were representatives from SOKMO, Tamilar Action Force, Makkal Kural Engal Sakthi, Pertubuhan Cahaya Cemerlang, WargaAMAN and RAPAT Malaysia.

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