Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Umno Just "DU-IT"

Nike has JUST DO IT! UMNO has Just DU-IT.  

On many occasions, I needed only a chance or casual remark to write an article. This article is one of them. it was a chance remark by that remarkable brain box, Walla. 

After being on the ground at Hulu Selangor, I did write that I believed UMNO/BN will win this by election. I added however, this victory will leave a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste. Here is why I think so. 

Who doesn't want to win? Victory is all the more important, more so, when the PM regarded this by election as a referendum to his leadership and his vision of creating 1 Malaysia. It is also a verdict on his resolve in implementing a new economic model and transformation of government and all that. UMNO/BN simply had to win this election at all costs. 

All of us are familiar with the sports shoes- Nike (pronounced Naiki). The shoes are produced by Nike, the company founded by Phillip Knight and his coach Billy Bowerman. The trademark of the company with the swoosh logo, is Just Do It. 

Just Do It represents the core spirit of Nike. It explains why the company isn't long on nebulous ideals and catchphrases- all they want is to get on with it, plough along and correct any mistakes while on the way. 

UMNO, the present one, the one reformed by Dr Mahathir with his membership being at number 1, also has its trademark similar to Nike. It is Just Du-It. Just duit. This can't be the old UMNO. This UMNO doesn't list Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Jaafar Albar, Dato Harun Idris, Tun Dr Islmail as members. So, it can't be. This UMNO is Dr. Mahathir's UMNO.  

It's the conduct of UMNO in winning elections. We are fast being normalized in seeing the PM, leader of this country and leader of UMNO gong around dishing out cash here and there; here RM3 million for a Chinese School, there a few million for some outstanding promises. The only way UMNO seems to be able to win is by using money. In this Hulu Selangor election, it spent more than RM100 million. Expressway, universities, roads, hard cash, development projects etc. It was a feeding frenzy.  

We have the UMNO president, bowl in hand, appealing to FELDA settlers to give him a chance. Here- take this money, give me a chance and there will be plenty of this where it came from. What has it done to UMNO?  

Here we have our party president with money in hand persuading commercially opportunistic Chinese to vote for BN. There we have our president promising the world to Malaysian Indians. Everywhere, we have our president appealing help from Malaysian Malays who are expected to have a natural inclination to UMNO but who now have to be induced by cash.  

It has reduced UMNO to a mechanical being devoid of its soul. 

Where is UMNO's soul? May I remind UMNO members, that the soul of UMNO is expressed clearly in Fasal 3 of UMNO's Constitution:


  1. assalamualaikum kak?

    UMNO just Du-It? hmmmm maknanya jumlah yang mengundi BN pada 25 haribulan hari tu semuanya MATA DUITAN DAN TERBUAI DENGAN DUIT LAH?

    hmmmmm boleh tak sekali sekali kalau KALAH terima dengan hati terbuka tanpa sebut yang bukan bukan?

    MUAK LA kak! dari zaman saya kanak kanak sampai la dah tua mcm ni PEMBANGKANG asal kalah je:

    1. SPR sokong gomen
    2. Pengundi hantu menangkan BN
    3. Kerajaan BN salur duit
    4. dan macam macam lagi

    hari tu dah menang sampai LIMA NEGERI termasuk lah negeri saya kak - dah menang besar mcm tu takde pulak dengar kata ada pengundi HANTU ke, SPR berat sebelah ke....ONLY BILA PEMBANGKANG KALAH isu isu MEMBOSANKAN itu TIMBUL kenapa?????

    boleh tak ubah atau cari isu lain? atau paling mudah terima kekalahan dengan hati yang terbuka tanpa mengata itu dan ini. Rakyat dah buat pilihan kan?

  2. Slogan yg bagus tu.UMNO "just Du it".Ianay memang realiti.Sesuatu yg tak boleh dipertikaikan lagi


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