Friday, May 28, 2010

Hundreds of thousands of UMNO members quit the party

Najib said Umno had to do with the bleaching process of producing approximately 380,000 names from the register of membership. Read here

With the remaining balance to be a member of Umno is about 3,159,454 people. From this amount only half really support the struggle of Umno, while others are like a passing wind waiting.

Unusual arrangement also Umno, if so far only Umno members who broke it down to five Pakatan Rakyat states. Umno Why should throw more than that figure.

Where you're going the 380,000? Their actual out of Umno because they have no confidence left to cause Umno must have been far to deviate from the original cause of the party. Where they go .... they are now a member of the PAS / PKR or UMNO party but hate and support the Pakatan Rakyat.

In those and many other members of Umno "Umno's future more serious" because: -

If UMNO established in 1946, it did not pay anything to get Malay support. UMNO is only offering the blood, perspiration and tears only. That struggle, hard work and crying teen struggles to achieve goals. UMNO offers the ban. The Malay support for it, overall. Why?

Because that is not offered by the UMNO money and property, but the future of dignity. Future as the dignity of the nation. A dignified future for the state of the nation. The future of children's rights to the rights of the Malays. The right of the first key is the right rule themselves.

UMNO will not pay for the Malays to be able to support them. UMNO trying cause the Malays to love him.
But these days his condition other.  The people do not want to support, if not given immediate remuneration. UMNO leaders think that the way to the heart and soul of the people only through payment. This means that it, UMNO is no idealsme in the chest of his struggle.  When the pay overcome idealism, there was arrogance in the hearts sang payer. UMNO look at the way I passed that ability to pay does not guarantee victory in the 12th GE.
The people no longer want to support the party that values and goals of the struggle. If people will support any party may offer compensation and benefits immediately. Development should be in placed elements in the framework of responsibility as a government, a material trading. Which means, eventually, political parties into a direct selling company. Implications on the future in terms of quality of leadership will emerge, the method of struggle and the fight will be different goals.
Meanwhile, the change is not something that the fear of UMNO. What we fear is especially UMNO or UMNO leaders do not know how to deal with the future. In Hulu Selangor, UMNO leaders only know one way, namely by paying his way with money to achieve the goal.  

Can this way, we can maintain the life of UMNO? UMNO has forgotten that the drivers of change, is the idealism support the struggle of UMNO and the leadership quality, and not ability to pay which does not require high-quality leadership. Mat Rempit leaders shall be paid, but enables the leader Mat Rempit turn inspire the hearts of the Malays?

Process of whitening is one reason, actually Umno can not stand it when these 380,000 calls every day of their colleagues in Umno that the turncoat to the party.
They leave Umno because Umno is fed up with bureaucratic and leadership.

Mohd Razif Maslan
Sekretariat Parlimen Kota Raja 

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