Thursday, December 22, 2011

PSG tells HA to stop media tirade against PAS

Former Selangor PAS commissioner Hasan Ali was delivered another sharp rebuke today by PAS secretary general Mustafa Ali, telling the Selangor state Exco to stop using the media to criticise the Islamic party and emulate former deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa by coming clean and shutting the door at UMNO.
Speaking to reporters, Mustafa who had earlier accused Hasan of dancing to UMNO's tune, said he would himself stop airing his views on Hasan if the latter stops issuing public statements on PAS, which Mustafa described as baseless criticism.
“When he makes wild claims, of course other PAS leaders would answer him back for the sake of the party. To stop this feud, it is simple. Hasan needs to stop talking. Then I too will stop talking as there will be no need to respond to his statements,” said Mustafa.
Hasan, who had been given wide coverage by UMNO-owned media, again spoke to TV3 last night in what is being seen by many as a prelude to his impending defection.
Among others, the one-time television motivational speaker claimed that the 'professionals' now outnumber the ulama in PAS. He also poured scorn on the party's benevolent state concept agreed during PAS Muktamar in June, claiming that PAS had deviated from its Islamic struggle.
Although both Hasan and Nasharuddin echoed each other in their views, the latter yesterday made it clear that he would remain loyal to the Islamic party and dismissed speculation that he would jump ship.
In contrast, Hasan revealed that  he had agreement with the views of Malay right-wing politician Zulkifli Noordin, who left PKR last year citing his "love for Islam”. Zulkifli had since embraced UMNO's Perkasa and accused PKR de-facto leader of sodomy.

Nik AzizHasan's claim of defending the ulama in PAS however did not impress the party's shura (Consultative) council leader Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who said he would be the first to speak out if indeed Hasan's allegations were true. 

“Hence, the allegation that the benevolent state introduced by PAS president had deviated from the original struggle is nonsense,” said the Kelantan Menteri Besar in a statement.
Mustafa, meanwhile, reiterated his earlier claim that Hasan fell victim to UMNO’s game.
“Being trapped in UMNO’s agenda does not need one to quit PAS and join UMNO. If the person had quit the party and joined UMNO, he would not be taken seriously by and his allegations will not have any influence on PAS members as he is no longer believable.
"The more dangerous trap that every member and leader must realise is when one continues to stay in the party and makes many baseless allegations against PAS and its principle. If this happens, the individual not only can influence the enemy but at the same confuse his own members with his baseless claims,” stressed Mustafa, who disagreed with the suggestion that Hasan would join UMNO.
“I don’t think UMNO will accept him as well. I was ready to forgive him... but when he criticised the party and made baseless statements against the party, I cannot forgive... I cannot keep quiet,” said the veteran PAS leader from Terengganu.
Mustafa's latest statement comes in the wake of an announcement by information chief Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man that the party would call Nasharuddin, Hasan and Selangor PAS information chief Saari Sungip to explain their recent media statements.
“With the general election looming, PAS will not tolerate any sabotage whether internal or external that could affect the party’s final preparation,” said Tuan Ibrahim, who reminded members to embrace teamwork.

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