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Isra' Mikraj

Tomorrow is 27 Rejab where it’s significant to Muslims is the Isra’ Mikraj or the journey of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. from Masjidil Haram in Makkah to Masjidil Aqsa in Baitulmaqdis and then on to Sidratil Muntaha which is located on the seventh sky; and back to Makkah again, all happening in one night in the year 721 AD. It’s a year before Prophet Muhamad migrated to Madinah, an event known as Hijrah which also marked the start of the Islamic calendar of Hijrah.

It was during this journey that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. saw the original form of Malaikat Jibrail or Gabriel, the angel. It was said that the angel is so huge that when he spread one of its two wings, it will take a thousand year to completely spread one wing. It was also this journey that the five prayer times were ordered for all Muslims. It was said that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. greeted each and every one he met during the journey and so it’s been encouraged that ‘Salam’ or the longer version of ‘Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh’ (May Allah give you peace and blessings) be used as a greeting between Muslims as a show of respect and to strengthen relationships between them.

While in heaven, Prophet Muhammad was passing an area where it has the sweet aroma of small limes. The prophet asked Jibrail on the area. Jibrail replied that it’s the graveyard of Masyitah, the woman’s leader in heaven. Masyitah is the nanny of Firaun’s princess and believed in Allah. Firaun was one of the kings in Egypt who claimed to be god and would execute anyone who didn’t believe in him as a god.

One day, as Masyitah was combing the princess’s hair, the comb fall down and Masyitah cried out the name of Allah. The princess upon hearing this asked who is Allah and reported to her father that Masyitah’s god is Allah and not Firaun.

Firaun was obviously very angry when he heard this and ordered that Masyitah and her family be boiled in burning oil. One by one, Masyitah’s family member was thrown into the smoldering oil until it’s the turn of her baby. Masyitah almost denounced her faith because of her love towards her baby when the baby, with Allah’s consent, spoke to her in clear words. The baby asked her mom not to give up as she was in the right track. So Masyitah jumped in together with her baby, still with her Islamic faith intact.

There are many stories which happened during Isra’ Mikraj which should be learnt and become a basis of a reminder to us all, including myself. It was said that there were a number of punishments that befall women which made Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. cried every time he remembered these. Why women? The prophet was shown that almost two-thirds of those in hell will be women. During the journey, it was shown to our beloved prophet that:

  • A woman was hang from her hair with her brain boiling. These are women who do not cover their head from the sight of men who are not their muhrim. A muhrim is a man who is not allowed to marry a woman in Islam such as the woman’s father, brother or uncle .
  • A woman was hang from her tongue and her hands came out from her hip with burning oil thrown inside her throat. These are women who love to hurt their spouses with bad words.
  • A woman was hang from her breasts. These are women who breast-fed without the permission from their spouses.
  • A woman was tied on both her hands and legs while being encircled by snakes and scorpions. These are women who are able to pray and fast and did not seek permission from the spouses to go out from their houses and did not take the specified bath after their monthly or confinement periods are over.
  • A woman who ate her own flesh with fire burning under her. These are women who love to beautify themselves for other men who are not their muhrim and those who love to talk about other people’s imperfections.
  • A woman who cut her own body with a pair of scissors from hell. These are women who like to show off her jewelery.
  • A swine-headed woman with her body like a donkey. These are women who like to start a fight between two persons and are liars.
  • A woman shaped like a dog with snakes and scorpions entering her mouth and coming out from her bottom. These are women who are in constant anger to their spouses and lied about other people.

I know many of us have heard of the many stories during the prophet’s Isra’ Mikraj again and again but how many of us heed them and learnt from them?

“Ya Allah, kuatkanlah iman kami dan semoga kami sentiasa diberi cahaya petunjuk dari Mu. Amin.”


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